Lizzie S

University of Oxford

  • I am a keen bookworm, with an MSc from Edinburgh (Distinction) and an BA from Oxford (First Class), both in Literature, and experience working in a bookshop.
  • When I am not reading, you can often find me outside exploring nature. In fact, I am currently writing a children’s book that combines natural history with mythology.
  • I try to approach everything in my life with creativity and enthusiasm, and I will be bringing this imaginative flair to my tutoring sessions.

Having recently graduated with an MSc Distinction in Literature, I am committed to sharing my enthusiasm for learning in all aspects of life, including during my time working in Waterstones, where I frequently engaged with young readers to find what made them tick and to encourage creativity and curiosity. In the future, my ambition is to continue to pass on this passion, and to remain within a climate of learning. My time working as a bookseller has taught me the importance of listening to young people, and the value of bringing out what really interests them. Even when that passion seems unrelated to the subject being taught, it can always be harnessed in some way and used to engage the young person. Success as a tutor does not only mean academic achievement, but also igniting a passion for learning that lasts a lifetime. To me, success is not knowing everything, but wanting to know more. As an empathetic person with personal experience of some of the challenges that can be faced in education, I recognise the importance of listening to and engaging with each tutee as an individual, as well as offering words of encouragement and positive support.

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Dual ScienceGCSEA*
English LanguageGCSEA*
English LiteratureA levelA*
English LiteratureGCSEA*
GeographyA levelA
MathsA levelA*

£2950 / hour

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English LiteratureGCSE
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