Beatrice P

University of Bristol

  • Third year languages student at the university of Bristol, currently working in with early years and KS1 in a primary school on year abroad.
  • I am very friendly and want to centre sessions around fun, boosting confidence, encouraging a love of learning and proving to children that they are amazing and can do anything.
  • I have experience in eyfs and ks1 and have a huge interest in this age group.

Hello! My name is Beatrice and I am currently a final year student studying French, German and Spanish at the university of Bristol. I am planning on becoming a primary school teacher after university- as I absolutely love teaching and working with children and am extremely passionate about education, learning and mental wellbeing. I have 3 years tutoring experience and having worked in early years at an international school in Spain, I have a specific interest in Ks1 and early years, especially phonics. I also have experience teaching primary aged children at summer camp in Switzerland where I taught English and french and worked as a group leader for groups of primary aged children to whom I looked after and did activities with. I also have experience teaching English as a second language at two schools in Austria as a British council English language assistant, one being a Montessori school which I found absolutely fascinating. I also have three years experience of working at summer camps, residential and also In working at day camps in the uk with KS[ children. In my sessions, I try to always plan around any interests a child has and incorporate them into resources and activities to try and ignite enthusiasm for learning. I also try to plan as many learning games as possible into sessions, especially with young children as I believe that fun and using games as a tool to learn is the best way to learn especially with primary age children. I also strive to instill confidence in every child I tutor and show them that they are amazing, talented and valued with lots of praise and encouragement. I am to make my sessions very centred around the child and their interests as I feel that even interests such as paw patrol can be used heavily in lessons to aid learning and spark a child’s interests. I also like to combine learning with games to try and show children that learning is fun and schedule regular brain break games into sessions to help keep children focussed and also to combine learning with wellbeing.

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Dual ScienceGCSE
English LanguageGCSE
English LiteratureGCSE
FrenchA level
HistoryA level
Religious StudiesGCSE
SpanishA level

£2450 / hour

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