Isabella E

University of Edinburgh

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Success as a Tutor means to me the building of confidence in students who struggle in a particular subject. Personally, I will feel fulfilled when I physically see the student begin to take an interest and realise that their academic goals, no matter how big or small, can be achieved with the right attitude and determination. I aim to personalise lessons for each individual based upon which learning style engages with them in order to get the most out of our tutoring. I believe learning can be fun and interesting when using the appropriate methods all the while reaching for those aspirational goals. My teaching experience includes teaching English, Maths and Science to Kindergarten and year 6 and 7 for six weeks during a volunteer programme in Fiji last summer as well as tutoring English and History to two students during their GCSE year in 2017. I am a hard-working and open-minded individual who believes that students happiness and strong mental-health is just as important as reaching for their aspirational goals. I am calm, very patient and understanding with my ultimate objective to support the student in any way I can. As the eldest sister of two younger brothers with dyslexia I understand that every student’s needs are unique to them and my teaching style will aim to reflect this.

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English LanguageGCSEA
English LiteratureA levelB
HistoryA levelB

£2950 / hour

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SubjectLevelBook a session
BiologyKey stage 3
Dual ScienceGCSE
Dual ScienceKey stage 3
EnglishKey Stage 1
EnglishKey Stage 2
EnglishKey stage 3
English LanguageGCSE
English LiteratureGCSE
HistoryA level
HistoryKey stage 3
Non verbal reasoning11+
Non verbal reasoning13+
PhysicsKey stage 3
Religious StudiesGCSE
ScienceKey Stage 2
Verbal reasoning11+
Verbal reasoning13+
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