Learning with Champion Tutor

At Champion Tutor, we have a broad team of tutors to cater to the subject and level that students are seeking support in. Our tutors are emotionally intelligent, and trained in promoting positive mental health and wellbeing in the one-to-one online and group sessions that we deliver. Course curriculum is provided for most of the subjects that we cover, and are taught alongside the tutors' own toolkit of resources, drawing on a wealth of experience in their field of expertise.

Learning with Champion Tutor

What we Teach

  • GCSE
  • A Level
  • Key Stage 1, 2 & 3
  • 11+, 13+
    (including Verbal Reasoning, Maths, Non-Verbal Reasoning)
  • Grammar and Independent School entry preparation tailor made to individual examinations
  • Personal Statements for University entrance
  • Oxbridge applications
  • Marking Sessions
    (i.e. to mark essays together and address corrections formatively)
  • Study Skills
  • Post-Covid catch-up blocks of 15 sessions
What we teach

Our Subjects

We have a team of tutors with varying subject expertise to reflect the broad range of student learning needs.

Our Experience

We make sure that our tutors are well qualified to offer students nothing less than excellent support in their studies.

A Level

Tutors have obtained grade A* at A level, or are currently working at/have obtained a degree level in that subject.


Tutors have achieved an A grade at A level, or be working at degree level in the specified subject. Similarly, tutors delivering independent school and common entrance examination support must have obtained an A grade at A Level.

Key Stage 1, 2 and 3

Tutors have achieved a B grade or above at A Level, or a minimum of grade A at GCSE in the specified subject.

In circumstances in which tutors are trained teachers, or where tutors have a wealth of experience in tutoring a subject, backed by a track record of achieving progress and high attainment success, and subject to positive references, grade criteria can be bespoke. To find out about the range of curricula that we work from, find out more in our FAQs.

Learning Links


To complement our tuition sessions, we have listed a range of home learning website links below:

  • BBC Bitesize includes core learning and Covid 19 catch-up materials covering EYFS, Primary, Secondary and Post 16 phases.

  • Oak Learning’s online classroom includes videos, lessons, and many free resources for students in Reception to Year 11.

  • White Rose Maths offers resources for home use with learning video links to illustrate maths concept mastery across primary and secondary year-groups for students, covering objectives in Early Years Foundation Stage and Key stages 1- 3

  • TES support students’ online learning by offering a wealth of links to free online resources across all school stages.

  • Classroom Secrets has a range of resources for children and young people working at primary school levels, including games and interactive resources and a free trial is available.

  • CGP Online resources are used by our tutors in lessons. Families can buy their own home resources online


  • Seneca Learning provides learning resources ranging across Key stage 2 up to A level. Its materials embed neuroscience principals which considers how learners learn, memory retrieval and other evidence-based principles. Our tutors have access to Seneca learning resources to support student learning, whether breaking down new learning concepts or extending aspirational learners.
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